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Teaching The Stuff That Matters.

Don't Just Learn to Clean Swimming Pools.
Learn the Business of Cleaning Pools.

Since fall 2006, we've provided a one-of-a-kind 5-day HANDS-ON training for individuals who desire to start their own pool care and maintenance business as an alternative to traditional methods of entering the pool industry marketplace.

This is the most intensive training event we could produce! Up to the minute ideas and business practices. Up to date methods to marketing and closing of sales. All structured to help you build a highly profitable, fully tailored pool business of your own.

This isn't a franchise. It's much better! No percentage fees. No territory restrictions. This opportunity is as big or small as you choose it to be. Work part-time, full time, employee based, or independent. The choices are yours.

All of our business principles that we teach stems from our systematized pool care techniques, daily business operations and up-to-date marketing strategies we administer in our own swimming pool service company that produces results. I'll explain more of how and why in a moment, but the good news is...

No experience needed! Learn from a second generation professional. We're here to teach you our unique practices and principles to start, grow and manage a pool service business.

Let Me Ask You A Simple Question... 

"Why waste valuable time and money trying to figure out what works... when there's a proven system that's already laid out ready to copy??"

We built our own business from the "school of hard knocks", learning "expensive lessons" from over 30 years of  experience in the swimming pool industry.

We converted everything we know into a SYSTEM, which we continuously test, tweak, and apply to our pool service "test kitchens", located in San Diego, California and Las Vegas, Nevada with over 300 pool accounts and growing.

From real world experience, we know what works - and more importantly - what doesn't work. It's not only the money you make, but more importantly, the money you don't lose that determines your success. Let me break it down:

  • Lost sales opportunities... We'll teach you how to get the phone ringing and how to close more sales more of the time! 
  • Low pricing, bids, and estimates... We'll teach you methods to achieve higher service rates than your competition! 
  • Over usage of chemicals and related expenses... We'll teach you techniques to reduce operation costs and pocket thousands of dollars in extra savings each year! 


In Any Business, There's a Right Way AND a
Not So Right Way To Do Business...

In 2013, we overhauled our program, even though it worked great for us all along. We poured ourselves into updating, refining and fine tuning our marketing, techniques and strategies and the results blew away our expectations! In one season, we enjoyed a 38% increase in growth, successfully raised our rates by an average of 28% (without a decrease on our upper 90% closing rate), and increased revenue by a staggering 52%. All that in one year!

How? We turned our attention to finding ways of adding more value to the customer experience.

As a success-driven business operator, you must be in a constant state of improvement, staying on top of the competition, and be willing to do what others aren't. I look at the best in the industry, analyze what works, and then attempt to up the ante in the race to build the ideal business for me and my clients.

Can you try and do it on your own?

Yes you can.

You can try, but most people who do, never achieve peak success. This is evident by simply checking out the gazillion pool service trucks in your own local community. Most are older, dirty and banged up. I've even witnessed pool guys towing a trailer behind a car. It's obvious these guys aren't generating anything near a six figure income. Why?

They don’t have the key ingredients. They only have "parts and pieces". They never discover the "secret formula" to put it all together.

Contrary to what many believe, spending a lot of money on buying a pool route for sale doesn't guarantee success. Matter of fact, you may end up "owning a job" rather than owning a growing, highly profitable business. 

Ask yourself, "Do I want to take a chance and be just another pool man pushing a pole until I  figure it out for myself?"

Or do you choose a simple, easy to follow formula that's already been laid out, ready for you to get from the start?

The choice is yours. 


Here's What To Expect From Our Training Event ... 

During the training event, you'll receive... 

  • Unrestricted access into the heart of our very own $150k+ pool business 
  • 5 FULL DAYS of intensive instruction and ride-along hands-on application  
  • Your training includes servicing, trouble-shooting and basic repairs 
  • Indepth pool water analysis and chemical application  
  • Office management, book keeping set-up, and billing instruction 
  • Our "Here's what's working at this minute" business-building marketing strategies 
  • Proven advertising materials that gets consistent results, building income 
  • Our exclusive 25 "Golden Rules" policies and procedures (forms included) 
  • Optional personalized website and hosting (Set up at the boot camp)  
  • Ongoing coaching and one-on-one support 
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee 
  • And much, much more 

Don't miss this great opportunity!
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If you're thinking about starting your own pool service business, consider this...
12 months from now, you'll be one year older and still thinking what if your had started your own pool route - Or you could take action now and be that much closer to achieving your goal of being your own boss. We all have the same amount of time, it's how you invest your time that makes the difference.


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